4300 waveforms. tuned, racked, & ready to play in ableton live.

among the best free samples in all the web, adventure kid's massive collection of single-cycle waveforms may be my favorite. the sheer variety alone makes them an excellent resource for any project's starting point. my only quibble is it is difficult to trial a sound without loading it up into a sampler & it's tedious to set this up each time you want to use a waveform. to make them more useable to me, I've organized all the waveforms into ableton's simpler & racked all 4300 waveforms according to their appropriate category. in this format, they function like any other midi instrument & the various timbres are easily accessible.

download here




each of the 67 racks contains all selectable waveforms of a given category - the number of waveforms in a rack is indicated by the parentheses in the title. macro controls help you quickly shape the sound:

  • ADSR for full envelope control

  • wavform selects waveform

  • wavform 2 selects the second layered waveform

  • spread - slight detune

  • filter - moog-style ladder filter on each waveform with key following

you can hear a demo of some of the sounds below, though keep in mind there are thousands of possible timbre's so this is just a small sampling. I think these work best as layers to other instruments to add some rawness & purity to more processed sounds.

of course, you can also always download the original collection of raw single-cycle waveforms directly from adventure kid as .wav files.



installation is pretty easy. after download, open up your user library's sample folder. this is best done with a right-click in live's browser (show in finder, show in explorer). open up the "imported" folder & drag in the contents of the "AKWF_waveforms" folder in the download. it might feel scary to move 8000+ files but no need to worry - it's only 22mb.


then you just need to put the "AKWF_simpler" folder wherever you choose to store instrument patches - the .adg files inside these folders are the simpler racks. just load one into a midi track to get started!


that's all! big thanks again to adventure kid for making all the samples available for all of us to use!