Recently, AfroDJMac and pATCHES put out a call to crowdsource whistle samples for a new Ableton Live instrument pack, and today we present that pack! We transformed the samples into 20 Ableton Live instrument racks, complete with macros. We ended up making everything from accurate whistles to organs to bird chirps and beyond, so you're sure to find something useful for your production. The free download also includes the original raw samples from the community as well so you can try your own hand at crafting instruments from the sounds we worked from. 


download here

Installation is easy: just place the Ableton Project Folder where you keep your Ableton instrument patches and pull the .adg instruments into your project from the Live browser!

AfroDJMac has made an awesome walkthrough of sounds as well. You'll definitely want to explore the pack with him in the video below, as well as visit his Whistle Pack page for further description, as well as a livestream of him making part of the pack (and loads more great Ableton packs to boot!).


Thank you to our crowdsourcing contributors for their whistle samples!

-Little Peace
-James “Muscleman” Jung