sevMIDI is an adaption of the mechanism that triggers the sev max for live device, itself a port of a max device by this genius. Essentially, its sort of a logical random octave-based arpeggiator you can use to add ambience to your tracks & discover new musical ideas. While you'll find sevMIDI intuitive to use, it does provide a novel way to output notes in a controllable but unpredictable way that any live user should find inspiring.


download here

Rundown of features:

  • the keyboard selects the pitches that will output (you can also play notes in using a keyboard...just arm the track & hold down notes like an arp) 
  • the x-axis of the x/y pad determines the center octave that notes will play from
  • the y-axis increases the likelihood of output of the surrounding octaves - that is, the higher the y-value, the higher the breadth or range of octaves that are possible
  • chance controls the probability of output, with lower values providing more unpredictable syncopation & high values triggering notes on nearly every beat
  • swing adjusts the swing of the device as well as the global groove amount
  • the slow/fast button switches between 8th & 16th notes
  • for the purposes of live use, you can click the “+” in the upper left corner to open automatable/mappable knobs & sliders so you can adjust any of the above parameters on the fly

Since the sevMIDI's central concept involves some degree of random output, you'll want to be sure to record in a separate track to save any ideas that are generated. This is easy to do by recording via resampling on a separate track or by receiving midi in a midi track (if you want the raw note data).

If you discover any bugs, please send them to enjoy the device! 

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 9.22.59 PM.png