808 bass pack

808 bass pack


Bass with Impact

This pack features 100 made-from-scratch tuned 808 bass sounds. These were creating using a combination of analog synthesizers, digital sine waves, guitar amps, & unusual layered percussion hits. All of the samples are royalty-free, tuned to C, & organized by length & impact. We recommend using Sampler, Simpler, or a similar MIDI sample instrument to play these 808 sounds and bring some huge bottom end to your productions.

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As we all know, the Roland TR-808 drum machine has played an important role in the development of electronic music. However, as Daedalus points out, the actual kick drum sound of the TR-808 sounds nothing like what it's come to represent in the collective conscious. Over the course of history, the sound was sampled, processed, & resampled countless times to create the subby thud we've come to associate with electronic kicks. The percussive sounds of the 808 are still beloved & well used but today's production has seen a version of the processed sound become popular as both kick & bass for tracks.