I’m a huge fan of sidechaining a compressor to a four-on-the-floor kick drum. It’s a useful mixing tool to keep heavy synths out of the way of a heavy kick, but it also makes everything just so dang danceable. Pulling up multiple tracks and setting the compressor to receive input from a “ghost kick” is pretty time consuming, however, especially in a live scenario.

Enter pump, a no-nonsense way to get authentic-sounding sidechain compression with absolutely no set up. All you have to do is load the device and get pumping! From there you can easily customize the shape of the envelope and amount of gain reduction with simple controls.

The most recent update introduces pump+. The most requested feature for the device has been external input, and with this newest version it is now possible. Simply add the included companion device - pump+ [input] - to your kick drum's chain and it will automatically convert the audio signal to triggers that are wirelessly sent to every instance of pump+ in the set that is set to "input" mode. The new version also fixes a glitch that caused clicky/scratchy audio in some sound sources.