003. Apprehension (Mark Korven)

In this episode, composer Mark Korven shares his approach to creating the unusual score for The Witch, which blends medieval instruments and textured noises in a dynamic and dissonant soundscape that highlights every haunting moment of the film. He also explains the workings of his famous "Apprehension Engine" and discusses how temp scores and directors have changed the role of film composers over the years.

Mark Korven: http://www.markkorven.com/Main.html

The Apprehension Engine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzk-l8Gm0MY

The Witch: http://thewitch-movie.com

The Witch Soundtrack: https://milanrecords.com/the-witch-music-by-mark-korven/

This episode features samples of The Witch OST & original music by Pierce Engineer and Sam Elrod.