all the hip-hop drum samples you'll ever need.

1001 Hip-Hop Drums features exactly what it sounds like - 1001 drum samples that evoke the sound of classic drum breaks used in hip-hop. You won't need to slice up a breakbeat, though - these are individual hits with production-ready processing, waiting to be organized into your original tracks. And beyond the samples, the pack also contains all the additional tools you'll need to create beats - MIDI patterns with human groove and drum racks for Ableton Live with complex layered effects mapped to macros. With the 1001 Hip-Hop Drum pack, you'll be making everything from classic loops to novel grooves in a matter of minutes.

four packs in one.

When you get the Hip-Hop Drums pack, you're really getting four collections of top quality classic drum samples. 167 kicks that knock and 247 snares that crack and pop. 218 hats that range from light and airy to tangy and biting. And 369 percussion samples that include familiar sounds as well as inspiring new textures. 


Ableton Live racks for new possibilities.

Download the pack and get 15 exclusive Ableton Live drum racks that explore new angles of the sounds. Each kit contains a hand-selected group of samples from the pack along with Ableton native effects and macro controls, giving you unlimited possibilities to create.


midi clips included.

The 1001 Hip-Hop Drums sample pack includes 50 MIDI clips of kick, snare, and hi-hat patterns that are ready to be added to your production. With groove and subtle humanization applied to the timing and velocity, you'll have classic sounding hip-hop patterns in seconds. Just swap in different samples from the sample pack and you have the foundation of a beat.