as real as it gets.

We want the human sound & groove of real drums in our tracks far more often than we have access to a live drummer in a studio. This pack puts real hi-hats at your production’s disposal with 140 loops recorded on Neumann microphones, meaning you’ll have instant access to a huge variety styles, cymbals, & grooves to mix in with your other drums & samples.


loops as long as you like.

The download contains 140 royalty-free loops, organized by four tempos - 80bpm, 100bpm, 120bpm, & 140bpm. Additionally, each .wav has an associated .als file for automatic sync’ing & looping in Ableton Live. All you have to do is drag n’ drop from the folder to establish rhythm & groove in your track.

your selection of drummers.

We recorded five drummers of different genre backgrounds, each with his own hi-hat, distinct groove, & unique style. Oh, & now that they’re digitized, they never get tired or lose consistency!

Spencer Westphalen - Mangosteen

Evan Campbell - p.smoov & MAZ Blanko

Brian Soertaert - Bear Gulch

Tom Hipchen - Ray Wild

Jacob Somerscales - drummerscales

adaptable to your needs.

Real hats have a surprisingly strong frequency range and decay. Most uses will require these to be tempered with eq, compression, & transient shaping, but always in ways depending on the track they’re used in. We left these as flexible as possible.