The egg shaker pack was one of our most successful offerings, having been downloaded over 10,000 times. The point of those loops, however, was to provide raw recordings in as many different patterns as possible with just one shaker instrument. The new HD Shaker pack offers everything the old pack lacked: multiple textures (details & demos below), over twice the tempos, & better played patterns.


This pack focuses on timbrel variety & sonic detail - every particle was recorded in pristine stereo using a matched pair of Neumann KM 184's & a vintage EV 636. The dynamics & frequency content were heavily processed to make all 70 loops ready-to-go in your productions. The pack also includes .asd files for automatic looping & sync'ing in Ableton Live. The shakers were recorded at seven different tempos for maximum resolution & minimum warping artifacts.

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I've come to notice that the sound of a shaker is as much about the material on the outside. Plastic is often harsh, but cardboard softens the particles & makes for a very pleasing shaker. Thus this can of salt produced a light & transparent groove.


It would have been a poor showing to not include the egg shaker from the original pack. The upgrade in sound quality is night & day, however - like all the loops in this pack, the egg samples are now in stereo, processed, & available in many more tempos.


On our last recording trip, I happened to have had my macbook in my lap as we drove to the next town. My hand rubbed against the laptop in rhythm with the song that was playing in the car & I accidentally discovered one of the best "shakers" of all.


Granular sugar provide ideal particles for a shaker sound, but the interesting element to this as a kitchen sound is the bag. Because of its thickness, each shake produced an unpredictable crinkle in the paper & the resulting artifacts made for a sweet sound.


This sizable can of breadcrumbs was built out of metal, cardboard, & plastic, offering a sound as varied & versatile as the wide stereo image it was recorded into. The crumbs themselves are fairly soft so the resulting shaker sound is very smooth indeed.


This one I called "pocket" because it's a random assortment of items, just like might aggregate in one's pocket. Inside the box were band-aids, screws, & other knick-knacks, but what came out of shaking it was a clunky, mid-ranged groove machine.