Charles Shores feedback 08/30



really fun track here - the notation is really interesting & the soundscape is an unusual twist on the electro house formula. the sidechaining is damn near perfect & the mix is in a really great place - I'm afraid there's not very much room to improve in here but I'll try to give advice for what I hear!

00:00: love the textures right away, really nice air & harmonics. only potential issue I hear is the metallic pad/atmosphere stretched in the background feels a little too stagnant. adding some type of modulation to the filter/pitch could help this "move" a little more, as though it's looking for it's place & finds it with the beat drop.
00:07: love how "off-time" the eastern string sound is & how suddenly the beat falls in. 
00:14: the beat feels really well mixed, not much I would change about the basics here. usually with this genre the 300-400hz region is overhyped but you've done an awesome job controlling it.
00:16: I take some issue with the vocal/grimy bass sound, & this could be a personal taste thing, but the envelope could be a little more dynamic. every note sounds the same like it's a sampled one shot but I'm sure it's synthesized, right? make it feel that way - even just one note that's extended out more can give this some more life. the timbre is heavily built on those formats, try moving those around too.
00:32: feels like the big synth lead could be a bit loud. this definitely seems like it could be one of those situations where if you take it down a few decibels it will be weak & flat, but if you haven't tried it see if it can settle down in the mix a little bit. if not, think it's still a good (but bold) mixing choice)
01:06: with that big synth leading the charge so heavily, I'm sure it would sound awesome to drop out the rest of the beat for ~a half bar at the downbeat. would love to hear that kind of dynamic variation pop up from time to time, that would keep me dancing for sure.
01:34: awesome breakdown & tonal shift here. think with that atmosphere in the background, it can get changed up a bit with some modulation like the intro, especially falling pitch. 
01:56: the chip-tune square wave is a very cool addition for this return, I would love to hear it depart into a counter-melody at the end of every four bars or so instead of playing unison the entire time - something really loose & swinging
02:34: the white noise sweep is phenomenal, but it kind of builds to nothing. could be a great opportunity for another beat drop out, possibly similar to the one at 01:22?
02:57: everything here is sounding awesome, think the only thing left is to flesh it out into a full 6 min mix for DJ's. you could honestly just duplicate a lot of these sections with minor variation, but the big thing would be coming up with a calmer section that just "rides". really simple breakdowns to just the drums & perhaps the pluck sounds picking out the main melody.



rhino rider

the foundations are really nice here, but I think some of the elements can be more dynamic. even the lead, for all it's melodic variety & dancing around, sort of stays in that lane for the entire 4 minutes. I'd really like to hear this song slowed down a bit & the lead replaced with some female vocals - that might take it in a more poppy direction than you're looking for, but I think there would be something really successful there.

00:00: the lead synth is a lot right at the beginning. you don't necessarily happen, but you could be saving yourself "harmonic headroom" by filtering some of high end out. either way, it's a few dB hotter than I think it ought to be.
00:27: the beat drop is great here, but it could be even more amazing if it was relatively louder than the intro. the intro is so loud it doesn't leave enough room for a dynamic shift for the drop.
00:35: the verb'd snare is great & fits the track very well, but it happens too often to be such a static element. think you could get a lot out of some variation in pitch & volume. I know I'm harping on dynamics a lot, but it's one of the only areas for improvement I can hear!
00:57: Not sure how successful it would be, but that bass sounds awesome & I'd like to hear it carry the track longer before the lead comes in & covers up all the nuanced harmonics of the timbre. maybe just let it ride for awhile & a bit louder?
01:55: both breakdown sections work really well, I'd be curious to hear that lead synth pulled down an octave in these. not sure if that would work, but it might help if that was more subdued & that could be a method you could try.
02:15: here again you've built an awesome section & the lead is just distracting from the bits I love. could just be a taste thing, but I'd really like to hear this section ride for a bit without the jazzy/herbie hancock lead dancing over everything