concoct a new sonic language

If you are like us, you are tired of the same instruments rehashed time and time again - snare drums are snares and kick drums are kicks. But there are no rules in music; no one is telling you what to do. The snare and the kick can be anything that sounds incredible in that role. So fuck the traditional snare drum and kick drum, lets hear something new. 

Unique sounds stem from unique sources. Our flagship pack brew suite is no exception, offering a world of novel but highly musical sounds derived from excitations of industrial tea brewing equipment. On prodding and striking and bowing and scraping enormous steel tanks, kettles, and filters, the resonant metallic surfaces reveal an enormous range of expression spanning clangorous noise to pure fundamental tones. Captured in meticulously recorded stereo WAV files, these sounds have been organized into every sample, drum kit, instrument, loop, beat, melody, and progression found in this caffeinated pack. 

Brew Suite invites you to explore deeply its world of sound: 2285 one shots,  219 loops, and 143 Ableton Live racks. We hope you enjoy this exploration and make lots of music with what had once only made tea.


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For a complete overview of everything contained in the Brew Suite pack, check out the manual by clicking the icon below:

the sound of metal captured

All of Brew’s sounds start at the Source: 613 unprocessed stereo microphone recordings of metal in motion. Left unaltered, these captured moments are great for naturalistic compositions. Or use them (like we have) as a jumping off point for further sonic exploration and instrument design. Source sounds fall into three categories: hitsmultitaps, and scrapes. You'll find plenty of bread-and-butter bass, bell, cymbal, gong, stick, and tom sounds as well as a plethora of extended scrapes and imperfectly human rhythms, perfect fodder for film scoring and abstract sound design.

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drums dripping with character

There are 17 unique drum kits, each of which contains 4 presets for a total of 68 unique drum racks. We’ve included 3 paradigms of drum racks:

Focused - racks which explore a single concept, whether it's emulating a single physical instrument like a gong/shaker/bell or taking up a specific place in the frequency spectrum such as bass. These racks include kafka's gong, lie low bass tool, luminito bells, shakerine, and spinnerettes.

Mad Scientist - racks which exude sounds ranging from lush and harmonious to biting and dissonant. Some can even become chaotic and hard to control, acting more like living systems than an instrument. Perfect for creating texture and ambience to a piece. These racks include cloudspook, gift for ogoun, and swollen streams

Polymath - the classic drum kits of the bunch, though more classic in how they were designed to be used rather than the sound they produce.  They can be used in any number of musical situations where a varied yet cohesive-sounding rhythmic palette is needed. These racks include blimp, clod feather, for cornerstones, honeycrisp, opposition arrows, salted quarry, scraper bike, split brain patient, and velvet lollipop.

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a blend of unusual instruments

There are also 15 unique pitched instruments which cover a wide array of tonal moods and use cases. Each instrument is designed with 8 complex macros that drastically alter the instrument’s timbre and and temporal structure. The positive consequence of this variability is that each instrument is ripe for exploration. You can coax several sounds from a single instrument, which is why we’ve included 5 presets for each instrument, making a total of 75 unique instrument racks. 

finite - These are finite sounds that will naturally die out, just like the mortal creatures we are. They include fisher's price, forced to gallop, grace & tonic, lo fi fur, the supreme curfew, and thumb of steel.

infinite - These sounds will continue as long as you hold down a key or sustain pedal. They include brewtant, epoch uptick, fence whispers, ox spleen, people sprinkles, pippen pipe, wind for wednesday, yarm, and yottaflop heist.

loops steeped in groove

Brew Suite contains 219 loops, sonic clay to mold into your tracks. The 136 drum loops span a wide spectrum of BPMs and styles. These curated loops are organized by the racks that made them and range from simple beats that lay down a foundational rhythm to long-form evolving polyrhythmic patterns. 

The pitched loops which encompass melodies, basslines, and especially chord progressions,  are divided into five categories: 

Bounds - bouncy mallets

Cinephile - sounds like theater popcorn

Dream Leak - luscious woozy cotton clouds

Jagged Edges - bass and attitude

Jung AARPs - saccharine arpeggios

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Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 10.59.32 AM.png

bounced audio for flexibility 

What goes into the rack is not what comes out. Each of Brew Suite's racks incorporate audio processing chains which transform the raw Source audio into a wide variety of track-ready sounds.  Performing this processing in real time can make static recordings come alive, but there are many situations where a bounced audio file of a sound is superior to a raw audio file being processed in real time. Maybe you want to feed your hardware sampler or use a different DAW. This is why we’ve included 1071 Rack Extrusions, ready-to-use processed audio samples from each sound in each drum and instrument rack preset. These highly processed sounds are begging you to arrange them and mangle them even further.