free download - snapPACK & snapRACK: 200 royalty-free samples

I used 30 microphones to record 200 snaps with eclectic production group MAZ Blanko & together we have created a sample pack & an ableton live drum rack so that you need never record snaps again.

download the sample pack here & the drum rack here

we used everything from hi-end condensers to lo-fi vintage dynamics to ribbon microphones to iphones to capture snaps from every perspective. the result is a spectacular range of natural snaps & snare-like claps that you can mix & match to your track's desire. keep in mind that in order to remain as widely applicable as possible, the snaps are kept rather raw so they may need some degree of processing - with so many microphones to choose from, however, you can doubtless find a sample that fits into your track with minimal work.

our ableton drum rack makes it incredibly easy to use & layer these samples. for convenience, the rack includes a transient processor, eq, stereo width control, transpose, & reverb.

installing the rack is simple enough - double-click the included .alp pack & open the project you saved. you'll find the rack on the only midi track. I recommend first saving this into the user library tab:


& then dragging the resulting .adg to wherever you save your custom drum racks:

this way, the rack won't need to be contained in a project folder to reference the contained samples.

thanks for downloading! don't forget to check out pATCHES & MAZ Blanko on facebook!