free download - mid-side processing racks

mid-side processing is a powerful tool to clean up your sounds while still preserving their natural qualities. for example, when compressing is too repressive but your dynamics are too wild, processing the mids heavily while leaving the sides more free (or vice-versa) can give you necessary control & at the same time enviable subtlety. this balance is not unlike multiband processing - applying effects only where they're needed so you can be extremely liberal & still have a very open sound, almost like a more complicated & specific dry/wet.

these racks are designed to provide you with simple tools to do just that - have your cake & eat it too; control & subtlety. you can download all the devices here. below you'll find an explanation of each rack & an audio demo (recorded by evan of MAZ Blanko). each rack will turn on about halfway through the sample to give you an idea of its properties.

mid side ableton racks eq

high passing the sides is a standard technique for cleaning up sounds. shelves for highs & lows for both sides & mids make it extremely easy to dial in the exact settings you're looking for without any of the fuss of fandangling the eq device. I find this rack particularly useful & I think you will too.

mid side ableton rack saturation

similar in idea to eq shelving, saturating the mids will bring more fullness while preserving the air of the sides, while saturating the sides works as a widening technique to give them more presence. all the while, you'll find you can be much more generous with the effect & wallow in its transparency. 

mid side processing compressor

another standard technique made easier by these racks, you'll be able to slam down on the mids or sides & keep the dynamics free on the other (as explained in the intro). once you use mid-side compression, you may never go back to standard compression!

mid side delay ableton rack

ms delay is a little more unusual, but the idea is the same as all the other racks - effects need not overwhelm your sounds. by applying different delay times to your side, you can widen your sounds or split them from the group. I've also included a reverb that effects only the delayed signal for even more transparency. 

ms utility

just a utility, but every bit as useful as any of the other racks. sometimes all you need to widen your sounds is to add a little gain to the sides. sometimes you need to flip the phase to make your sounds jive. & sometimes you need to pan to get them out of one another's way. with the mids & sides isolated, these standard operations can become very interesting & even more powerful.

so that's it - hope you find these useful! they should either speed up your workflow or encourage you to use more advanced processing techniques. again, download here.