suggested default presets for every audio device in ableton live - part 2

this is part two of an article on default presets. if you didn't come from part one, make sure to start there.


ableton live gate default preset

I usually want my gate to open as fast as possible, & I don't usually like the "chatter" that comes with low hold. since I always find myself making these changes, I saved them into the default preset.

  • set the attack as low as it will go
  • set the hold somewhere in the middle

glue compressor

ableton live glue compressor default preset

my favorite thing about the new glue compressor is its soft clip option. I also tend to like my attacks a little slower, so I want to start there.

  • turn soft clip on
  • notch the attack up a bit
  • turn "oversampling" on (right-click)

grain delay

default preset grain delay

I use grain delay most effectively as a pitch shifter & these settings help me achieve that effect faster (just change the pitch amount)

  • unsync the time & set it to 1 ms
  • set frequency as low as it will go

ping pong delay

ableton live ping pong delay preset

per usual, my goal is mostly to make it less extreme to start. the simpler, the better.

  • set the feedback to something lighter
  • turn dry/wet all the way down
  • set the time to 2 or 1


ableton live redux default preset

I like the less extreme sounds of the soft setting. & that's about it.

  • change "hard" to "soft"


ableton live reverb default preset

this is basically a copy of the "ballad reverb" preset which quickly became my go-to.

  • set pre delay to 30 ms
  • raise the filter a bit
  • lower spin frequency
  • change quality to "high"
  • lower decay time to taste
  • turn down reflect to -1.0db
  • turn off chorus
  • set scale to 100%


ableton live default preset

just a copy of the "hot tubes" preset, again a go-to. it can be really useful to save in your favorite preset so it's worth looking around to find one that suits you.

  • set drive to 8.2db
  • lower output to -8db
  • enable DC filter
  • set the curve type to "soft sine"
  • lower base to -21
  • set freq to 1.68
  • bring depth up a bit
  • turn "hi-quality" mode on

simple delay

simple delay ableton live default preset

when filter delay & ping pong delay are options, I tend to use simple delay as a more wild & creative effect. having an unsync'd delay is useful for slapback & reverbs, & repitch mode is great for building transition & adding dissonance

  • unsync both channels
  • lower dry/wet to 0%
  • change delay mode to "repitch"


ableton live spectrum default preset

spectrum is very useful, & even more so when it is large enough to pinpoint individual frequencies.

  • toggle the display
  • lower refresh rate
  • switch to "bins"

that's it for my suggestions. again, if you want to start with all of my presets as your defaults, download this pack. if you have a default preset you find more useful, I would love to hear about it on facebook!