free download - free transients rack & 3 free plugins

continuing my offerings of no-nonsense ableton racks to improve your workflow, I bring you 'free transients'. this rack is designed to give you a variety of transient shaping options at your fingertips. transient shaping is easy to overlook, but it is a powerful tool that can make your sounds stand out or step back in your mix by simply emphasizing or de-emphasizing their attack.

download, as always, on the devices page.

in order for this rack to work properly, you'll need these three free vst's:

click on the above images to be taken to their respective download page. alternatively, you can click here for a bundle of all the links. keep in mind stillwell's transient monster is not free, but it is free to use for an indefinite evaluation period. after the first time you use it, you'll certainly be convinced of its value.

to give you an idea of this rack's function, take a look and listen to these examples:

attack transient shaping ableton live

here I've exaggerated the attack so you can see the resulting waveform. the drums become far more tight and percussive.

sustain transient shaping ableton live best vst

now I've turned up the drum's sustain, lowering the attack and making the amplitude even across the clip.

as you can see, transient shaping is a sort of shorthand for the results we often look to compression for. with very little work, you can transparently blend in your sounds and have them stand out just the right amount. I hope this rack makes it even easier for you to accomplish this in your own production//