free download - 5 fx racks for ableton live

effect racks can be efficient sources of inspiration. I have found myself returning to these five rather often and thought I would share. I've given a brief description of their use and contents, as well as an audio sample of each rack in use (the audio is one loop of dry signal, one loop of effected signal). there is nothing subtle about what these do - hopefully you get strange and fun results from their use. enjoy!

to download, head over to the devices page.

bell whistle multiply is great to add some inharmonics and a crisp edge to any source. variable, interesting results on percussive material, excellent in subtlety on piano-like sounds

  • bell - dry/wet of the inharmonics/"bell" sound
  • character - effects timbre of the "bell" inharmonics
  • anger - ???
  • whistle - speed of "anger"
  • multiply - feedback of a very short stereo delay
  • after - synced, filtered delay at the end of everything
  • harsh - crispness
  • cut - lo pass filter to help manage if it gets too sharp

cycle shift emphasis is ideal for sustained, tonal material.  the "tremolo" can get a bit wild. the instrument in the audio demo is my VHS patch for simpler, also a free download.

  • extend - short delay to "extend" the length of the incoming signal
  • dry/wet - dry/wet of extend
  • lo cut - kill the mud
  • shift - tremolo-like
  • cycle - sync'd speed of saw filter
  • emphasis - resonance of filter
  • dry/wet - dry/wet of lfo filter
  • fine - more tremolo-like

digitize wriggle chance is perfect for messing up a too-clean sound. great for percussion and spoken word, it dirties, bit-crushes, beat-repeats, and generally glitches any incoming signal. used liberally in my first album.

  • enter - how deep you dip your toe into the digital domain
  • digitize - depth of the digitization effect
  • wriggle - depth of the wriggliness
  • ether - reverb/delay/disapparation thing
  • influence - envelope follower for filter
  • in - attack time of envelope follower
  • out - release time of envelope follower
  • chance - beat repeat

shine sparkle disappear does just that - shines, sparkles, and disappears. great for tonal/ambient sound.

  • sparkle - pitch-changing delay time
  • feedback - of delay
  • disapear - a big pear of a tremolo 
  • dry/wet - of that tremolo
  • shine - reverb time
  • dry/wet - of reverb

super handy for giving percussive loops and otherworldly beef. used to great effect, if I do say so myself, on the end of this song from my second album.

  • wind - character of the "whooosh"
  • drop - amount of "drop"
  • hi pass - kill the mud
  • chance - beat repeat effect
  • slide - envelope follower for filter
  • in - attack time of envelope follower
  • out - release time of envelope follower
  • emphasis - resonance amount

if you download these and make good use of them, I would love to hear about it on twitter.

au revoir//