10 more ableton shortcuts you might not know about (and should) - mac os x and windows

this is a follow up to my first article on ableton shortcuts.

here are some more shortcuts I find useful that I have found fewer producers use than ought. 

delete automation only: cmd + delete (ctrl + delete)

delete envelope ableton shortcut

this is a very useful tool for deleting a section of automation without affecting your audio clips. note that this creates two breakpoints on the edges that smoothly link the line before and after. because you have highlighted a section of the automation you can very easily make a quick adjustment to the overall value if you want.

duplicate envelopes only: option + cmd + d (alt + ctrl  + d)

duplicate envelope

another useful way to ignore the audio in your clips when you only want to focus on automation. fantastic for cycling a pattern in arrangement view.

play from playhead: shift + spacebar

play from playhead ableton shortcut

everybody loves a good spacebar. but starting playback from your keyboard defaults back to the start of the selection. holding shift and pressing spacebar starts the track from where you left after (like a pause as opposed to a stop).

split clip: cmd + e (ctrl + e)

split clips ableton shortcut

splitting clips is par for the course when working in ableton, but if you didn't know the shortcut you should; I find it absolutely essential. notice that you can also select a portion of your clip and create breaks on either side, effectively isolating the selection. this is actually my preferred method for automation. you can remove a single word or syllable from a vocal or a drum hit from a beat and adjust its gain, transpose, even warp mode - incredibly fast and useful. remember than you can reconsolidate (cmd  (ctrl) + j) your clips back together if it starts to feel disorganized and all of the clip adjustments will be "saved" into the new clip.

grid shortcuts: cmd + 1, 2, 3, 4 (ctrl + 1,2,3,4)

resize grid ableton shortcut

live's grid makes it very easy to lock all your samples and clips together. so being able to manipulate this scaffolding can be paramount - here's what the grid shortcuts can do:

  • cmd (ctrl) + 1 - narrows the grid
  • cmd (ctrl) + 2 - widens the grid
  • cmd (ctrl) + 3 - enables triplets
  • cmd (ctrl) + 4 - turns off the grid

delete time: cmd + shift + delete (ctrl + shift + delete)

delete time best ableton shortcut

this one got an honorable mention in the last article but it's worth highlighting because of its usefulness. a lot of time it can be an effective compositional tool to shorten sections or just get to the exciting parts faster. make it easy on yourself with this shortcut!

deactivate (anything?): 0

deactivate anything top ableton shortcut

just about anything that is deactivatable can be deactivated by selecting it and pressing 0 (zero). quick!

map modes: cmd + m, cmd + k (ctrl + m, ctrl + k)

map modes best ableton shortcut

if you're using controllers, it's very useful to know these shortcuts to not have to move your mouse all about your screen and break the flow.

that's it! if you like these shortcuts and want to learn more, you can check out this article containing a further 20 that I use nearly overtime I open up live. you can check out a complete list of all the ableton shortcuts here.

let me know on twitter or facebook what kind of articles you want to see next! stay classy//