bricolage - track by track

the bricolage EP is now released. you can grab it here. all the sounds are available as a sample pack to use in your own productions. grab that here.

1. the last day

the last day features the voice of the esteemed matthew bowman, sourced from his vlog on burning man:

check it out its the last day. its beautiful out here and we're in god's green country, its actually not green at all but were here. the man is an archetype of all your troubles in the default world they call it and were gonna light it on fire today and uh lets ride around until we see something weird. the sun is setting, we've got the mountains in the background, this is a family friendly event, let's see if we can see something weird happening. we're gonna go for a ride see if we can see something weird. because we understand we've got one frickin' life to live ok? we're not even near the crazy stuff and this might die. look, I did things here I can't even talk to you about. that's what the old life was like now we're all about positivitron. /shamu and his crew coming through/ shamu and his crew already came through guys there's a lot of sacred spaces...a lot of glory holes here ya know glory be okk

the later half samples david bowie's "space oddity", specifically the countdown.

3 7 2 10 6 3 3 3 2 7 2 3 6 2 3 3

2. maybe that will be a relief

maybe that will be a relief features an interview I conducted with Sara Douma about her experience on the appalachian trail. 

appalacian trail

it definitely has changed me. hm i guess usually those types of people would tell you the meaning of life is just enjoying life. and I don't know. I don't know if anyone should care so much what the meaning of life is because if you overthink it then you're going to try to reach all these little goals that aren't going to be as important as just taking the time to enjoy what you're doing. so maybe they'll tell you there is no meaning of life. maybe that will be a relief.

3. as many mountains

as many mountains features an interview I conducted with a maori ranger at the royal albatross centre

albatross royal albatross centre new zealand dunedin

are paramount or significant. so those are my tribes, my mountain is aoraki mount cook, my awa or my river is the waitaki, I'm also a kaitiaki or guardian for the tribes that are associated with -. I probably have four or five rivers and as many mountains.

the track also samples mary oliver reading a poem on the podcast on being.

why should I have been surprised? hunters walk the forest without a sound. the hunter strapped to his rifle, the fox on his feet of silk, the serpent on his empire of muscles all move in a stillness - hungry, careful, intent. just as the cancer entered the forest of my body without a sound. the question is what will it be like after the last day? will I float into the sky or will I fray in the earth or a river remembering nothing?

4. a face I couldn't see

a face I couldn't see features a story from Michael Reed.

Michael Reed

and i felt a presence. a face I couldn't see, inches away from mine. and it was just like, at the peak of it, just it was shouting. and I couldn't hear it, but I could feel the vibrations from it. and it became so powerful that it echoed throughout my whole body. and I had to get up, I had to rejoin the group because that was going to go one of two ways and one of the ways was bad.

gene wilder is also sampled, taken from a wonderfully animated interview from blank on blank:

this heavy-set doctor brought her home, told her some things while she was lying in bed. and then he came out to see me and he grabbed me by the arm. it was summer, hot day, and the sweat was dripping off of his face and falling onto my cheeks. he said "don't ever get angry with your mother, because you might kill her".

5. limp

limp continues the interview with gene wilder.

i think that's where the courage to make people laugh came from. but I - I didn't want to be a comedian I wanted to be an actor because from the time on no-one will know whether I'm lying or telling the truth. but I suddenly found the overwhelming compulsion to pray. and I must have prayed for 20 minutes or so. I didn't know what I was praying about but I was feeling guilty about something. the next day or two it was 30 minutes and then it was an hour and then it was two hours ... I don't think most of them know the real reasons. after seven and a half years of analysis I want to come out of a door with a cane and limp my way to the crowd.

matthew bowman returns to give a justifiably angry rant in reaction to the events in ferguson, mo

matthew bowman ferguson

I'm here on a bridge because we're at a crossroads, america. /we're at a crossroads/ there's a common practice in white america where people feel like poor people aren't as important as they are. well I got news for you people you ever read the bible that thing that you quote all the time? love thy neighbor dickhead! and I'm sorry for this language but listen here - there's a point I wanted to make. what we've got to do - here it is I'm gonna break it down for you dummies right now. what we have to do is spread equality and understanding through our thoughts, words, and actions to everyone we meet. if we all make an agreement to do this, over time it will spread. smile to a stranger. I think we start by smiling to strangers: saying hello to someone who maybe you think is creepy or ghetto. don't walk through there! oh no! it's a person! say hi! /give a man a banana when he needs it/ look I don't even know. open your mind. hug someone. the vast majority of human beings just want to feel loved. once we realize that, we're all the same.

6. the future is a flake

the future is a flake samples 1958 teen b movie high school confidential-

my old man was a bread stasher all his life. he never got fat. he wound up with a used car, a 17 inch screen and arthritis. tomorrow is a drag, man. tomorrow is a king sized bust. they cried ‘put down pot,’ ‘don’t think a lot,’ time, how much? and what to do with it. sleep, man, and you might wake up digging the whole human race giving itself three days to get out. tomorrow is a drag, pops, the future is a flake. I had a canary who couldn’t sing. I had a cat who let me share my pad with her. i bought a dog that killed the cat who ate the canary. what is truth? turn on to a thousand joys. smile on what happened, or check what’s going to happen, you’ll miss what’s happening. turn your eyes inside and dig the vacuum. tomorrow, drag.

7. throw the first stone

throw the first stone features two interviews I conducted with redditors. the first about werewolves and milk -

and it seemed really strange like initially. and I responded to the video that was posted because I knew people were going to be crapping on that and like sure enough the first, ya know, the top quote was linking to r/cringe and things like that but one of the comments that someone posted was really cool it was like, if you've never had an awkward teenage phase throw the first stone and they um milk milk milk milk milk

the second about supernatural encounters -

I would maybe tell people, uh, I don't think I would warn them I think I would encourage it to be honest. ya know obviously I did nothing - nothing aside from having a story to tell - nothing bad happened to me and having a story to tell is a wonderful thing. I didn't go into that darkness and I don't know what would have happened if I did.

8. kinda made me angry

kinda made me angry features cassie, though her voice is mostly cut to gibberish.

It's my own name, I have every right not to know it. it was a test I couldn't pass at all. so then I had to go to a neurologist for awhile - kinda made me angry.

9. the majestic oak

once more we have the esteemed bowman. this time, we find him reflecting on nature.

woo! I'm here at the majestic oak! we're here under this umbrella of nature and splendor. this tree is 55 billion years old, alright? nature is so wondrous that we can't even begin to fathom the things we can learn from a tree. you can go look at this tree and say I need to be strong and yet flexible. there's a lot of animals and plants growing on this tree - it's its own dang ecosystem. you can look at that and say, let the little guys have their share, ya know, and try to help them, alright? you can say I need to branch out I need to expand. constantly keep expanding until you hit a wall and you gotta contract ok? sometimes we get caught up in the tangles of life.

the thing is to always consider is that there's always someone bigger and badder than you. but in the words of o.d.b. you can't knock what's real. so if you just try to stay real, true to yourself, you'll be good, alright? a lot of opportunities you guys you can go and be any dang thing you want in the world you know what I'm saying? there's all kinds of moves you can do in life. you have to be flexible, try new things. or else you'll fail miserably!

10. sleeping with the light on

sleeping with the light on functions as a remix of a song from my previous band, johnnycab. the song features the voice and guitar of one sam jennings.

now you're sleeping with the light on, wondering where the night's gone. it's ok, there's no problem, I know that it'd be less fun, dreaming of the next one. it's ok, avery tell me. tell me I'm ok, tell me I'm ok, anyway, that's all she has to say.

11. long lost:friend

here we have another reddit interview, this one on near-death experience

so we hit the ground hard. now diving into rock, and basically hugging the earth like a long lost friend because trains are scary. probably down there for about, maybe down there for another minute or two though I'll tell you it felt like a lot longer.

now a sample from hugo winterhalter's "song of india"

finally, a ray bradbury quote from another blank on blank

you learn to live with your crazy enthusiasms, which nobody else shares, and then you find a few other nuts like yourself and they're your friends for a lifetime. that's what friends are, the people that share your crazy outlook and protect you from the world because no-one else is ever gonna give a damn what you're doing so you need a few other people like yourself.

12. but you're in it all the same

features a recording I made of Brian Soetaert playing a piano in new zealand and the rest of the poem from mary oliver

how desperate I would be if I couldn't remember the sun rising. if I couldn't remember trees, rivers. if I couldn't even remember, beloved, your beloved name. I know you never intended to be in this world but you're in it all the same. so why not get started immediately? I mean, belonging to it. there is so much to admire, to weep over, and to write music or poems about. bless the feet that take you to and fro. bless the eyes and the listening ears. bless the tongue and the marvel of taste. bless touching. you could live a hundred years, it's happened. or not. I'm speaking from the fortunate platform of many years, none of which, I think, I ever wasted. do you need a prod? do you need a little darkness to get you going? let me be as urgent as a knife then and remind you of keats, so single of purpose and thinking for awhile he had a lifetime.