free ableton pack - MacroFX effects racks

exploring what happens when you stack shitloads of stock ableton devices...

lots of ableton devices

turns out some pretty cool stuff. each of the macro knobs controls all of the devices. to stop things from getting out of hand, you have control over the gain going into the effects chain, and there's obviously a limiter at the tail end of these things to keep things from getting out of hand. it can be really fun to crank the pre-gain and pull the ceiling down to really slam a source - that's an effect all its own.

the reverb completely decimates a sound source and it can be beautiful. the filter is super thick n' juicy so lay it on strong; the LFO on it makes for killer arp-like sounds. these two are definitely weirdos.

ableton devices

download on the devices page, of course.

make sure to check out the examples down below - the synth used for the demos is the VHS synth, also available on the downloads page//