tempo automation made perfect in ableton live

have you, like me, struggled to get those fickle automation nodes to the exact number you're looking for?

if your song has a fixed tempo, you can enter the exact tempo no problem. if your song has multiple tempos, you've probably found yourself struggling with these guys:

ableton tempo automation difficulty

well struggle no more! here's an easy & interesting workaround:

  • set the automation lane range to the tempo you want
  • drag the node to the top or bottom of the automation lane

that's it! notice how even if the range box does not display a decimal, the node will snap to the exact number that was entered:

ableton tempo automation

sure, you could resize the automation lane to give you more granular control over your tempo adjustment, but this method will always be more exact and efficient.

so breath easy and carry on with your tempo automations in all their exacting glory// 

ableton easy tempo automation