leave the patching to pATCHES.

The warmth and wild experimentation of analog patching, captured. The Analog Drums offers 700+ one shots, 45 loops, and 17 Ableton Live racks to bring you the simple and classic yet still surprising sound of voltage-controlled oscillators, envelopes, and filters without the need for expensive and unwieldy hardware.

We hope you take the sounds in this collection and explore, repurpose, mangle, and destroy them in the spirit of analog. 

For a complete overview of everything contained in the Analog Drums pack, check out the manual by clicking the icon below:

curated, processed kits for Live.

We've assembled some 17 Drum Racks for Ableton Live from the one shots in this pack to demonstrate their versatile potential for creative drum kits. We have used three distinct approaches: one traditional and deterministic (static racks), one aggressive and maximalist (hottest tubes), and the other organic and chaotic (analogulated racks). 

Hottest tubes - The hottest tubes series disects and re-animates the Analog Drums samples in a lab powered by guitar pedals. The sounds these racks produce is almost unrecognizaeble from the input samples. So much of the interesting harmonic detail is too quiet to be heard in normal conditions - these chains crunch, compress, and distort to squeeze out every little drop. Burnt ends offers a representative sample:


Static racks - These racks use the racks in a fairly straightforward way, providing a cohesive sounding drum kit with pre-mapped macros that provide global control over sample parameters, sends, and effects. Stoop clove demonstrates:


loops on loops on loops.

Analog Drums contains 45 loops for instant inspiration. Like the drum racks, these loops were built out of processed samples from the one shots in the pack. The loops are divided into four categories: 

Buy a new speaker - After playing these, you might have to. Absolutely lthy and heavy industrial drums that split the skin of the original one shots to reveal someting entirely new. 

Computer - Computer-controlled blip bloops. These loops feature more tonal sounds and light staccato hits. A kind of digital fascsimile of the famous C78 drum machine. 

Loosehop - Lo-fi hip-hop inspired beats with plenty of boom bap and swing.

Tiny rave - Throw a party. Featuring faster tempos, dance beats, and electronic madness, these loops are like putting all your tiny sound-makers - your Volcas, your Pocket Operators, etc. - into a live rig and gathering all your friends for some late- night performance and celebrating. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 10.59.58 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 10.59.32 AM.png

analog killed the robotic star.

Nothing tires the ear more than hearing the same static sound over and over again. Analog circuits are wiggly creatures, much like living organisms, and the inputs and outputs vary continuously rather than being perfectly programmable quantities. As a result, no sounds are perfectly recreated twice as they are in digital system, and each analog drum hit has it’s own unique character. We wanted to capture this feeling and bring it to your computer, so we created a special set of Ableton racks - the Analogulated racks. The video demonstrates the closed hi-hat rack, one of seven racks in the series. Notice how the one rack can quickly generate a huge range of sound: