We want the human sound & groove of a live drummer in our tracks far more often than we have access to a live drummer in a studio. For this pack, I recorded 5 drummers with Neumann microphones - that means 5 different styles, cymbals, & grooves captured with pristine quality & put at your production's disposal. 

The download contains 140 royalty-free loops, organized by bpm (80, 100, 120, & 140) & by drummer. I have also included the .als files for automatic syncing & looping in ableton live. 

hi-hat pack
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This pack wouldn't be possible without the help, time, gear, & groove of some great musicians! Click the links below to check out what other projects they are contributing their drumming skills to:

Spencer Westphalen - Mangosteen

Evan Campbell - p.smoov & MAZ Blanko

Brian Soertaert - Bear Gulch

Tom Hipchen - Ray Wild

Jacob Somerscales - drummerscales