David Keith Feedback 1

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w!p drop 2 IP

wow really heavy track here. there isn't too much I'd say about the mixing as it seems pretty solid to me, so but for a few minor tweaks here & there I mostly focused my attention on opportunities for structural improvements. quite good for only 6 months!

00:00: this first hit seems a little mid heavy, in the range of 800-1300hz. I think it could be more effective if it mellowed out a little bit & relied on subs for its weight. Mind you, this would be a minor eq tweak & nothing major, but I think all of these hits could be a tad more hans zimmer if they were just a little less thin
00:09: there's some kind of bass in with the voice that muddies it all up to my ears, might be better to high pass it to around 150hz. a lighter mix here makes for a stronger mix later, i.e. leave dynamic headroom. therefore, it's best to nix frequencies that aren't essential in this area.
00:27: sfx work here is very effective, especially the steam & droning rhythmic filter thing in the background could do with hanging out here a bit longer
00:34: the kicks feel too sharp in this more atmospheric section. everything is washy & smooth & the kicks are almost clicks in here, they almost cut too much! I would try filtering out the 1khz+ region of the kicks & add some reverb to the bass & just make them float more amongst the smoke here.
00:46: this could be a personal taste thing, but the steadily increasing kick drum (1/4 note, 1/8 note, 1/16 note) seems a little tired to me. it's effective, no doubt, & a good default to be sure, but the rising synth patch in the background sounded way cooler & might be able to carry it almost on its own if it was louder. I just think there are other ways to build tension, but that could just be me!
00:54 the drop is obviously wicked, the only think mixing-wise is the snare seems to get buried down. possibly raise these or lower the lead bass ever so slightly. don't want to suck away the energy of the bold mix but I lose a little bit of the context & beat once things get going.
01:06: lots of fun stuff happening around this area, you obviously have lots of experience with envelopes & lfo's & creating fun modulation sequences
01:16: very cool fill here, I would definitely embrace those low-mid frequency  lfo filter sweeps, especially with the panning
01:40: these toms don't work for me. either the groove or timing doesn't fit the beat of the song - just try bobbing your head/dancing to the beat leading up to this point & how see how it breaks the flow a little bit. they're a little sudden & don't fit, at least to me. see what you think about this & maybe try a different approach.
02:09: you could definitely get away with holding the synth out here for another half bar or so - just really let it scream, you can build so much more tension by just letting this go on a bit longer than people are comfortable with & not using a standard musical length
02:49: the outdo is cool, I just think it needs to ride out quite a bit longer to give DJ's something to work with when they transition out of the track


  • Drums: Making them sound more realistic, or as if they were being played by a drummer
    • I don't think that's necessarily the "feel" of this genre, I think you've got the vibe down almost perfectly, so I wouldn't do too much to edit this. I mentioned raising the volume of the snare but perhaps you can do so by layering in a sample of a "real" snare drum with a fair amount of gated reverb. If you do, just make sure to change the pitch/timing/timbre of each one slightly to make them sound a little different each time like a real drummer's would.
  • Movement: Keeping the drop, and the song feeling as if it is progressing over time.
    • I think there is a fair amount of progression to the song as well! I never felt the bass became stagnant  because there is so much interesting variety to it. One possible change is to just add an extra layer of a highly harmonic synth, probably just a simple square wave, to your lead bass later in the track. This will add some timbral variety & make things feel like they've gotten more push behind them, like a chip-tune version of a backing vocal. Then just have it split into a counter melody every few bars & you're golden.
  • Transitions: Making the intro flow into the verse and the end of the drop flow into the breakdown
    • The big thing with these are you've relied on the tropes of the genre, which is fine - rising pitches, white noise steam exhausts, & speeding up drums are great ways to move between sections (there's a reason they're so popular). But as I mentioned in the timecoded feedback, I think you could probably do something different with the drums. It's just going to take some experimentation to see what feels right to you. I would definitely have a look at the tom fill at the end of the first drop & the kick buildup in the beginning, though.
  • Layering: I am unsure what to layer underneath the bass to make it sound less dull/ boring. I tried to put a crowd folly for white noise effect, and an arpeggiated synth to give it some kind of movement.
    • I really don't think the bass needs anything. You're concerns on this track are slightly unfounded, haha. You should have a lot more confidence with this because it sounds awesome!

Only other thing I'd say is you sent me just the .als when you shared your project, but that doesn't contain any of the samples used so I couldn't hear anything when I opened it! I also don't have many of your plugins, so the midi doesn't play as well. You might have a look at my article on sharing projects for some tips on packaging live projects for next time!