hello axel, thanks for reaching out. I hope I understand your question & have laid out my advices below:

the first thing you should do if file labels are an issue is to make sure you name your track before you record out into it. everything recorded/consolidated/cropped in that track will carry the name of the track:

if you haven't done a lot in the project, it's easy to find the .wav sample under "current project" in the sidebar:

or if you drag the clip into the sidebar, you'll create a project. in the root will be the .alc clip file you mentioned, but you can find the actual audio in the samples folder in the appropriate category. you can right click the folder or clip to "show in finder":

if you have multiple clips you want to collect, I recommend first selecting all of them & choosing "crop all clips". then drag the entire track into the sidebar where you'll find them neatly organized in "crop" in the "samples" folder. just like before, right clicking the folder will allow you to see in finder:

as an even quicker method you can right click a clip in live & select show in finder to be taken directly to the audio file.

I hope that answers your question. if it doesn't, feel free to follow up in our Facebook message.