the complete animated, annotated guide to ableton live shortcuts - windows

8. session view commands

I'm not the biggest fan of session view, it's true. but I do understand & take advantage of its usefulness in a live scenario & in such a situation a mouse is clunky, distracting, & slow. so what better arena to know all about all of the navigational & editing shortcuts for quick access to common features?

launch selected clip/slot: enter

launch selected clip/slot ableton live shortcut

so clicks are probably going to be faster & make more sense here, but one great way to take advantage of this shortcut is to use it to launch scenes. use the up & down keys to move between scenes & enter to launch them. by keeping the selection on the scenes list, you'll be able to browse through your song's sections & quickly launch them.

select neighboring clip/slot: arrow keys

select neighboring clip/slot best ableton shortcut

I think the best use for these is something like the scene launching technique above because it's not really feasible to move between all the clips you want to launch with the arrow keys so don't abandon your mouse entirely!

select all clips/slots: ctrl + a

select all clips/slots ableton live shortcut how to

you'll want this one to move all your scenes around or to remove stop buttons.

copy clips: alt + drag

copy clips session view ableton live shortcut

I use alt drag all the time to copy all kinds of things & clips are no different. I prefer this to duplication because it opens more possibilities. if I want to make a derivative loop to an existing clip I'll drag & drop a copy (using alt) & make changes to the new clip from there.

add/remove stop button: ctrl + e

how to add remove stop button session view ableton live keyboard shortcut

removing stop buttons expands the usefulness of scenes (as you can continue certain tracks' clips while launching new groups). a more uncommon use is to save cpu which it can make a small difference in if you have a lot of stop buttons that aren't being used.

insert midi clip: ctrl + shift + m

insert midi clip windows keyboard shortcut ableton live

let's be honest, you'll probably want to just double click to create a new clip. but the shortcut is consistent with its sibling in arrangement view so you may find yourself just used to that workflow.

insert captured scene: ctrl + shift + i

ableton live shortcut insert captured scene windows

whatever you've captured into your clipboard, you can paste it as a new scene between your existing ones with this shortcut pretty sweet.

move nonadjacent scenes without collapsing: ctrl + arrow keys

move nonadjacent scenes without collapsing ableton live keyboard shortcuts windows

this is a pretty cool one - whatever you've selected, adjacent or not, you can move them down through your set using this command. it will push up the adjacent scenes so there will be no gaps so never worry about moving scene around.

drop browser clips as a scene: ctrl

drop browser clips as a scene ableton live keyboard shortcuts windows