the complete animated, annotated guide to ableton live shortcuts - osx

7. loop brace & start/end markers 

I prefer composing in arrangement mode to session mode every time. I see a lot of producers use session view to start a track, perhaps because of its novelty, perhaps for more legitimate reasons, but most often, it seems, because of the obvious looping. arrangement view is far more versatile than session view in many ways but certainly in its looping capabilities as well.

move start marker to position: shift + click

ableton move start marker to position live shortcut

when you have a long loop selected & the default playback position is at the beginning, you may find you want to jump further in. well, just like an early app store add, there's a shortcut for that.

nudge loop left/right: arrow left/right

nudge loop left right best ableton shortcut

I like to listen to my loops starting at different positions as sometimes this reveals interesting rhythms I might not otherwise ever think to write. try listening to your next loop starting at 4, or 3.5, or anywhere within the bar other than 1 by nudging it just off axis & see if that changes your perspective on the groove. keep in mind this only works if the loop brace is selected.

move loop by loop length: arrow down/up

arrangement loop move by loop length ableton live shortcut how to

I will usually have sections laid out next to one another in arrangement mode while I'm composing, so this command can be useful to jump between them. like a lot of these loop shortcuts, this also requires the loop brace to be selected.

halve/double loop length: cmd + arrow down/up

halve double loop length ableton live shortcut

this is great when you're experimenting with variation of just want to narrow in your focus. possibly the most useful shortcut on this page. 

shorten/lengthen loop: cmd + arrow left/right

shorten loop length ableton live keyboard shortcut

usually, you'll want to double/halve the loop as above. sometimes, however, you'll want to nudge the size according to the grid & even accidentally discover some odd timing polyrhythms .  

select material in loop: cmd + shift + l

select material in loop OS X mac keyboard shortcut ableton live