the complete animated, annotated guide to ableton live shortcuts - windows

4. browsing

live's browser is a wonderful asset to have on hand to interact with your files without ever leaving the program. workflows would indeed slow down without it, but I can't promise the associated shortcuts are mind-shattering. despite their mundanity, they do have some degree of usefulness & are worth knowing about.

scroll down/up: arrow down & up

ableton live keyboard shortcut scroll up & down browser

normally I recommend a mouse for interacting with the browser, but anyone who's felt their way through the sounds in a sample pack knows that turning on sample preview & scanning with the arrow keys is the fastest way to hear & evaluate bunches of hits when you're seeking that perfect sound.

close/open folders: arrow left & right

close & open folders live browser best ableton shortcut

it's slightly less useful to be able to open folders with the keyboard, but if you're really in the zone it's nice to know it can be done. those devices in the example can be downloaded on the devices page, btw.

load selected item from browser: enter

load selected from browser ableton live shortcut how to

I find loading devices with enter causes problems. often one is unaware of where the instrument or effect will end up & loading it this way. you run a lot less of a risk of overriding your current device chains & can be a lot more deliberate with a simple drag & drop. so while I'm a big proponent of keyboard shortcuts, this is one I recommend avoiding.

preview selected file: shift + enter

preview selected sample OS X browser ableton live shortcut

if you leave your sample preview button on, you know it can be annoying as all get out when you're browsing through sounds & you don't want them to play. if you turn it off, & maybe you should in such situations, know that a simple combination of shift & enter will make it real easy to hear the selected sample or instrument without loading it when you require it.

search in browser: ctrl + f

search in browser windows keyboard shortcut

you've probably had need for the search feature, & you probably know where it sits above the browser. especially as your library grows & the organization becomes more & more convoluted you'll probably find yourself relying on search to find a lot of your samples & instruments. just remember you need to exit out of the search when your done if you want to see anything else in the browser as the search remains consistent know matter if you change category.

jump to search results: arrow down

jump OS X mac keyboard shortcut ableton live