the complete animated, annotated guide to ableton live shortcuts - osx

3. adjusting values

certainly, these are not the most exciting or flashy shortcuts. but it's worth mentioning & looking over to make sure you avail yourself of all varieties of value entry. 

decrement/increment: arrow keys

ableton live shortcut OS X mac decrease increase values

pretty straightforward, but if you want to nudge a value up or down, you can use arrow keys to do so. just select the parameter you want to change & give it a slight push in either direction.

finer resolution for dragging: cmd

ableton live shortcut mac OS X how to finer resolution for dragging

alternatively, if you want to make granular adjustments with your mouse, hold down the cmd key; you'll be able to dial in with much finer detail.

return to default: delete

how to return to default ableton live shortcut

again, fairly simple & intuitive, but you can reset a value by clicking & hitting "delete". 

type in value: 0...9

how to type in value best ableton shortcut

& if you want to get extremely exacting, you can type in the value with the keyboard. many producers recommend typing in values for all values - especially in frequencies, to learn to be more deliberate. it might be a habit you want to get into.

abort value entry: esc

abort value entry escape ableton live ableton live shortcut how to

to abandon a typed value before confirming it, intuitively press the esc key & it's like it never happened.

confirm value entry: enter

tutorial confirm value entry ableton live shortcut