the complete animated, annotated guide to ableton live shortcuts - windows

19. working with plug-ins & devices

live's native devices are robust in their utility & extremely cpu-friendly. of course, there are specific & stranger external plug-ins you'll want in your productions & fortunately ableton has included some shortcuts to help integrate vst's into the live environment. the whole devices section is great for being so malleable & clear.

show/hide plug-in windows: ctrl + alt + p

show hide plugin windows ableton live shortcut

I highly recommend you turn on multiple plug-in windows in preferences, but this may lead to cluttering. this shortcut will help you clear up space to make adjustments in the live layout when you need to. you can hide & show as needed, which is neat.

open second/multiple windows with plug-in edit button: ctrl

how to open second window windows ableton shortcut

if you don't have that option turned on in preferences, you can always hold cmd to open a new window without collapsing the old.

group/ungroup devices: ctrl + g

group/ungroup devices ableton live shortcut how to

I love grouping devices & being able to group my groups in groups. once together, you can take advantage of macro knobs & chains & collapse them if the detail view gets too cluttered.

click to append devices to a selected device: shift

append devices to selected ableton live shortcut

this one probably goes without saying, but it's the fastest way to get devices group able & worth a mention.

load selected device from browser: enter