the complete animated, annotated guide to ableton live shortcuts - windows

18. working with sets & the program 

many of these shortcuts in this section are fairly standard across all applications. 

new live set: ctrl + n

new live set ableton shortcut

when you're ready to start afresh.

open live set: ctrl + o

open live set ableton live shortcut

I usually open projects from the "open recent" section of file, but this is useful if you if you want to work on something further back.

save live set: ctrl + s

save ableton live keyboard shortcut

they say save often & they're right, but they're also sort of wrong. ableton constantly is saving in the background to protect you from a crash (recovery is almost always possible in this kind of event). therefore, if you want a benefit from constant saving, I really recommend...

save live set as: cmd + shift + s

save as windows keyboard shortcut ableton live

saving is ironically rather destructive - it clears your undo history & makes all the changes you've made permanent. using "save as" is often more useful so you can version as you go along. I go into more detail in my time travel article.

quit live: ctrl + q

ableton live shortcut quit windows

it's really satisfying to mash the quit shortcut after a hard day's work.

export audio/video: ctrl + shift + r

export audio/video ableton live keyboard shortcuts windows

one of the nicest features added in recent updates was the option to export all tracks as individual audio files. this makes rendering out stems dead simple & fast as all get out.

export audio/video: ctrl + shift + e

export midi ableton live keyboard shortcuts windows