the complete animated, annotated guide to ableton live shortcuts - osx

16. grid snapping & drawing 

used correctly, the arrangement mode grid is the scaffolding you can hang your sounds off of as you build your track. these shortcuts are designed to help you navigate & manipulate the grid as you go. jeff bridges would be jealous

toggle draw mode: b

toggle draw mode ableton live shortcut

when you're using draw mode, it's key to keep in mind that your doodles will have only the resolution of the grid spacing. so all the following shortcuts will affect the behavior of draw mode as well.

narrow/widen: cmd + 1, cmd + 2

narrow/widen grid best ableton shortcut

if you do a lot of placing sounds all over your arrangement as you build up your loops (as I do), you'll doubtless want to be able to expand & contract the grid you're working off of as you need it.

triplet grid: cmd + 3

triplet grid ableton live shortcut how to

when you need that spice triplets can bring, you can snap things to stranger note division by changing the grid to accommodate three's.

grid on/off: cmd + 4

grid on/off cmd 4 ableton live shortcut

there are other ways to bypass the grid (see the final shortcut on this page), but you should know how to turn it off & on quickly in case you need to. I tend to keep the grid off when I'm editing podcasts or syncless music & those are the cases I'll usually end up using this shortcut the most.

fixed/zoom-adaptive grid: cmd + 5

fixed zoom adaptive ableton live keyboard shortcut

I prefer to use adaptive grid almost exclusively but there are some particular cases when you want to make sure your view is divided by a specific note division so note that you can snap between these.

bypass snapping while dragging: cmd

bypass snapping while dragging OS X mac keyboard shortcut ableton live

this one is HUGE. you can turn off the grid, or you can simply ignore the grid with command. I can't emphasize enough how useful this can prove to be, especially if you're building up your sounds exclusively in arrangement mode. keep in mind this goes for pretty much everything in live... midi notes, warp markers, whatever. you'll find a little bit of nudge & gridless placement can go a long way. 





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