the complete animated, annotated guide to ableton live shortcuts - windows

15. clip view sample display

there's an awful lot you can do with the piano roll in live. knowing these shortcuts can help you get your ideas out faster & even discover some new ones while you work.

quantize: ctrl + u

quantize midi ableton live shortcut

quantize may be necessary if you recorded midi in & its just not tight enough

quantize settings: ctrl + shift + u

quantize settings best ableton shortcut

to have more control over the happenings of quantization, add a shift to the mix. you'll be able to control what division notes snap to & how much they move toward "perfect" alignment.

scroll editor vertically: page up/page down

scroll editor vertically ableton live shortcut how to

normally, scrolling via drag on the left side of the piano works best, but if you want to quickly snap up you can use your keyboard.

scroll editor horizontally: cmd + page up, cmd + page down

scroll midi horizontally ableton live shortcut

exactly the same as above but for scrolling horizontally. 

copy notes: ctrl + drag

copy midi notes ableton live keyboard shortcut

I hardly every click in notes, I almost always use alt to drag notes into new places as I clone them. I think its a bit faster, more intuitive, & you can "enter" multiple notes at once by creating "child" derivatives from existing motifs. 

change velocity from note editor: alt + drag

fast velocity editing windows keyboard shortcut ableton live

once I learned this was an option for velocity adjustment there really was no going back. it's really so quick & intuitive to scan through your clip & make minor adjustments to velocity depending on the feel the melodies need. for more velocity variation techniques like this one, you can check out my full article on the subject.

move insert marker to end: end

ableton live shortcut marker to the beginning windows

let's you snap to the end of your clip, though I still believe in drag scrolling from the ruler.

move insert marker to beginning: home

move marker to beginning ableton live keyboard shortcuts windows

& same as above, but to the beginning, & I still feel the same way about drag scrolling.

scroll display to follow playback: ctrl + shift + f

scroll display to follow playback ableton live keyboard shortcuts windows