the complete animated, annotated guide to ableton live shortcuts - windows

14. clip view sample display 

one thing I love about ableton is how malleable audio feels. most of that I like to twist in arrangement mode, but the sample display has a lot of controls to get your hands on waveforms & shape them how you please. let's review some of the shortcuts built into this essential section of live's gui.

quantize: ctrl + u

quantize clip view sample ableton live shortcut

quantize is a standard feature of digital audio editing & you have quick access with this shortcut. just make sure you have the waveform in focus & remember it will use the last used settings.

quantize settings: ctrl + shift + u

quantize settings how to best ableton shortcut

if you prefer to have control how the quantization will take place, add a shift. this will pop up a dialog box that will allow you to determine the division & amount that transients will quantize to. keep in mind this will set settings for all future shiftless quantizations hereforth until you make another adjustment to the settings.

move selected warp marker: arrow left/right

move selected warp marker ableton live shortcut how to

playing around with warp markers can unveil brand new interesting rhythms you may never have written otherwise. its also nice for some spot manual quantization. using the arrow keys will snap to the grid so start by adjusting the grid via the context menu (right click).

select warp marker: ctrl + arrow left/right

select warp marker ableton live shortcut

if you do want use the keyboard to edit samples, you'll certainly use this one a lot. in combination with the cmd-less warp marker movement detailed above, you can speed through sample editing with just a few key presses.

scroll display to follow playback: ctrl + shift + f

scroll display to follow playback ableton live keyboard shortcut