the complete animated, annotated guide to ableton live shortcuts - windows

12. key/midi map mode & the computer midi keyboard 

this section deals with shortcuts designed to open up live to external control. you can find toggles for all of them in the top right corner of the screen, but know these shortcuts for faster control. 

toggle midi map mode: ctrl + m

toggle midi map mode ableton live keyboard shortcut

it can make a real difference to change parameters with tangible controls. whether for recording automation or just feeling out the setting of values, you'll almost certainly prefer to have your hands on a real device. you can map midi to almost any parameter, including some less intuitive & hidden ones.

toggle key map mode: ctrl + k

key map mode best ableton shortcut

key mapping let's you take advantage of your computer's keyboard to get hands-on control over live's parameters & devices without the need for a midi controller. for a complete guide & suggestions, check out my article on key mapping.

computer midi keyboard: ctrl + shift + k

computer midi keyboard ableton live shortcut how to

the computer midi keyboard is great for being able to quickly trial sounds & even compose with. this shortcut turns it on, & there are a few more controls built into your keyboard to keep in mind when using it to play:

  • z, x lowers & raises the octave of the keyboard, respectively.
  • c, v decreases & increases the velocity of the keyboard's input, respectively





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12. key/midi map mode & the computer midi keyboard
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