the complete animated, annotated guide to ableton live shortcuts - osx

11. commands for breakpoint envelopes

if you've ever used video editing software, you know how frustrating & limiting keyframes can be for changing values over time. fortunately, most daws make this whole process quicker & more intuitive & ableton is perhaps the best among them. don't forget you can edit automation using the traditional editing clipboard, as detailed in the editing section.

finer resolution for dragging: cmd

finer resolution for dragging ableton live shortcut

sometimes a few points difference in a parameter can make all the difference. holding cmd will give you more exact control over the values your automation so you can dial with granular precision.

enable dragging over breakpoints: shift

drag over breakpoints best ableton shortcut

this is a cool one that solves a problem you might otherwise become frustrated with. when you hold down shift while dragging a breakpoint, you can erase all the nodes you drag over. very handy when you find yourself editing recorded automation which can have hundreds of nodes.

create curved automation segment: alt

create curved automation segment ableton live shortcut how to